Erin: Wednesday, June 9th (11:51 pm)

Comic 005: Purple Worm
And then they said, "Let there be comics!" and there were. The long anticipated Purple Worm has arrived, and I think it was worth the wait. And I drew the thing! Well, like Pauline said, over the next week and a half I shall be out of town, and for the most part away from a scanner and a computer, so any comics by me will be delayed until I get back. Which means if anyone wants to do a guest comic or a piece of guest art, go for it!

I will however, grace you guys with a piece in the
art gallery before I disappear. The story goes that I was playing Super Metroid and after getting my ass handed to me several times by Ridley, (The big dragon space pirate for those unaware), I decided that I needed to draw something depicting said ass-handing. So, after experimenting a bit with perspective and action poses, I colored it, trying out a new set of coloring techniques I've been itching to use. I think the final result was satisfying, but not quite what I was looking for, so future pieces I do will hopefully improve the more I experiment with what does and doesn't work for coloring. Wallpapers of it are available too if anyone is interested.

So my brother graduated last week, and I've been swamped with parties and visiting relatives, (part of the reason for going out of town). Now that I stop and think about it, this is the quietest it's been in this house in the better part of a week. A welcome relief before I dive head first back into the festivities. Till next time!

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